Installation de toit métallique à Pierrefonds

Advantages of metal tiles

Metal roofing comes first when choosing materials for roof renovation. It has significant advantages over other types of roofing, namely:

Reliability: this roof is almost not susceptible to corrosion, almost fade, resistant to severe temperature changes and aggressive weather conditions. It has excellent anti-fire properties, has the highest waterproofing characteristics.

Durability: the service life of the roof is more than 50 years.

Ecological: environmentally friendly and safe material.

Aesthetics: an extensive range of colors and a variety of types of metal roofing allows you to create a unique look of your house. The construction of roofing sheets is similar to natural tiles, but it looks even more impressive.

Cost: in comparison with other materials for the construction of the roof, it has the best price-quality ratio for long-term use. Metal tile will last a long time and will not require care and renovation every 7-10 years. In addition, every year you will save up to 40% on heating your home.

Light weight: due to the small specific weight of the metal roof, it is easy to transport and install, which also makes it lighter for your home.

A complete set of roofing and gutter accessories is supplied together with other necessary elements for the installation of the metal roof.

By purchasing high-quality metal tiles from the manufacturer in Montreal, and also taking care of its professional installation and basic care, you will get a warranty that for many decades you and your relatives will be comfortable under the roof of your house in any weather and at any time of the year.