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Gargoyles as gutters and rainwater system Who knew decorative waterspouts could be so fascinating? Yes, those snarling stone creatures who devour countless pedestrians with their terrifying gazes are actually glorified drains. There are many interpretations of their symbolic roles and faces, but their practical function [...]



Metal Roof Installation is a big challenge for homeowners as a major part of your home will be renovated by the new technology, and it's a big advance for roofers to serve better their clients. Our company keeping this direction already 4 Seasons, each year we work to improve this process and make it [...]

METAL ROOF INSTALLATION – 2020 SEASON2020-03-12T15:21:13-05:00

Advantages of metal tiles

Advantages of metal tiles Metal roofing comes first when choosing materials for roof renovation. It has significant advantages over other types of roofing, namely: Reliability: this roof is almost not susceptible to corrosion, almost fade, resistant to severe temperature changes and aggressive weather conditions. It has excellent anti-fire properties, has the highest [...]

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We participate in the National Home Show MTL 2018

We are ready to collaborate with companies and individual clients to build long-term business relationships. We would like to offer our knowledge and experience. Let's meet personally at the National Home Show MTL 2018 To know more about our services: metal roof components manufacturing metal roof installation consulting consultations for roofers and contractors steel servicing center [...]

We participate in the National Home Show MTL 20182018-02-27T13:29:33-05:00

“Growing Your Roofing Company” Consulting sessions

The Metal-Tech Production Inc. is hosting consulting sessions for roofers and contractors.  They are designed to help roofers & contractors to grow their roofing skills with practical advices and ideas that can make an immediate impact. Led by metal roofing experts, the Metal-Tech consulting sessions will be held in December 2017 and January 2018. While most [...]

“Growing Your Roofing Company” Consulting sessions2018-06-29T07:37:54-05:00

Metal roof manufacturer in Montreal

Metal-Tech is now open! We are happy to offer our services and products to roofers, contractors and individuals alike. We are passionate about making great quality, environmentally friendly and energy saving products, and ready to collaborate with companies and individual clients to build long-term business relationships. We would like to offer our knowledge, experience. We are committed [...]

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