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Metal-Tech Production inc. is a manufacturing company based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. We focused on metal roofing as the most effective technology for any types of roof construction. We supply roofers and contractors with consulting, metal tiles, flashings, accessories manufacturing and delivery. We offer to homeowners all information about metal roof estimate, design, financing and installation.

We have based our knowledge on the experience of people, who for generations have used sloping roof structures, protecting their homes against gusty winds and snow. Combining this knowledge with the use of modern technology allows us to offer you the best quality products. We offer a manufacturing of metal tiles, along with accessories and flashings. These metal roofs are perfect for residential construction, industrial and public buildings.

Our solutions are adapted to both traditional and modern architectural designs.
All types of roofs are made in our manufacturing line in Montreal. We are very confident in our products which allow us to offer, without hesitation, a 50-years warranty. We work very closely with roof installers, architects as well as directly with customers. We would like to offer our knowledge, experience and most importantly high quality products to our  customers. We would like to share our expertise  and show that our products are the best alternative for your roof.


We offer you the opportunity to join a simple and convenient equal installment plan. You do not have to go to the bank, we take care of your application and you get a fast approval.  Financeit


To exceed our customers expectations in quality, delivery, and cost through continuous improvement and customer interaction.


We would like to share our knowledge and experience with our customers.


We are committed to building brand recognition and loyalty among customers, respecting and encouraging our employees, and delivering high quality products.


At Metal-Tech we are very confident in our products which allow us to offer, without hesitation, a warranty. 

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