Exterior Home Improvement Review: Metal Roofing

Metal roofers don’t have much trouble selling metal roofs to buyers of high-end custom homes. Metal roofing, once popular for rural outbuildings and commercial structures, is now gaining a growing following among custom builders and urban remodelers, as well as their customers. Last 20 years, sales of residential metal roofs have doubled, along with the market share for the product.

Metal roofs have earned their place in the residential roofing market, with their ability to withstand roof-damaging winds, hail, and snow. Homeowners who have had to replace roofs after hurricanes and storms are turning to metal for its durability.

50-year warranty is a major selling point for most metal roofs, some of which have earned a Class 4 hail-resistance rating and are guaranteed to withstand 120-mph winds.

Approximately 80% of the residential metal roofing market consists of repairs or replacements rather than new construction. Custom builders are increasingly embracing metal, and more consumers become aware of its durability and new style.

For roofing contractors, it’s a great opportunity. It’s a product where they can make money. With asphalt shingles, the competition often comes down to the last 20 cents. But because metal and other premium roofing products require specialized installation, roofers can charge more for it.

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