Metal Rainwater System montreal

The roof rainwater system protects the facade, the foundation and the blind area from destruction, and also gives the roof and the whole building a finished appearance. If you decide to buy and install colored rainwater systems for the roof, we recommend you to pay attention to such features as:

  • Compliance with the size and diameter of the gutters and pipes of the area of roof slopes.
  • Calculation of the number of elements of the spillway system: the calculation takes into account the slope and area of the slopes, determines the number and location of the funnels (outlets from the chute).
  • Availability in the assortment of all necessary components for high-quality installation.
  • The ability to choose the rainwater system in combination with the color of the roof and/or facade.

MetalTech Production will manufacture your rainwater system and our professional ready to install or replace it.


In order for roof gutters to serve for a long time, it is necessary to technically correctly calculate the number and location of the spillway system.


Elements of the rainwater system: pipes, gutters, elbows, connectors, plums


The roofing system of the house includes many components: the roofing itself, hydro and thermal insulation, drains, windows for the roof and various additional elements. The correct choice and high-quality installation of all elements are the key to reliable protection of the house from the weather for many years.

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